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Oh Father! Oh Daughter! (18 episodes)
Desperate for a job, Suara convinces his wife, Abike, to sleep with a wealthy business owner
and, being obedient and loving, she agrees to do it. Suara gets the job and slowly, their  fortunes improve. He soon begins to spend money lavishly and spend late nights out. One day he meets and begins to court a devious lady called Toyin Tomato and the story takes on new twists and turns.

Face of Deceit (12 episodes)
Yomi Benson is married to Adaobi who, as a student, got pregnant for him and severely damaged her womb during illegal abortion performed by a quack doctor.  The couple enjoys marital bliss untill Yomi, in a bid to have children, secretly marries Fijabi, a native village girl and  struggle to keep this secret from Adaobi.

An Eye For An Eye (17 episodes)
Toyin Tomato, from the much loved ‘Oh Father! Oh Daughter!’ story, dumps her husband for a wealthy chief. Her greed drives her to desprate measures in the attempt to embezzle all fo the chief’s money, while she keeps a younger lovers by the side. Soon, things take a dramatic turn as nemesis catches up with her. 

No Pain No Gain (32 episodes)

Bose is sexually abused, gets pregnant and is pushed to the streets by her employers. She later gives birth to Ireti, who goes through her own life turmoil but eventually meets and marries a doctor. They give birth to Ronke who, unfortunately, meets a gold-digger whose plan is to take over the family business. Who suffers the pain? Whose gain is much?

The Staff (8 episodes)

A king arranges a perfect succession plan so that one of his two princes will take over the throne after his demise. He instructs the King makers to crown the prince who successfully returns with the Staff of Office which he keeps in the evil forest. A major twist brings about an unusual turn of events. 

Enough is Enough (19 episodes)

In a bid to acquire quick wealth, a man meets a spiritualist who makes this happen at the expense of the man's ability to have children. He finds a perfect wife in a lady who has lost her womb due to several abortions. Not satisfied with their childless state, the couple formulates a devious plan.

Daddy’s Girl (2 episodes)
Over-pampered by her father, and cautioned by her mother, she believes that her mother hates her and that she's only loved by her father. She shares this view with a female friend who eventually initiates her into witchcraft. Who will she sacrifice to retain her membership? How did her father's over-pampering affect her?

For The Love Of You (15 episodes)
Disappointed that she delivers a baby girl instead of the much desired son for her husband, a woman connives with the nurse on duty. They successfully swap her daughter for the son of another woman who has also delivered at the same hospital. The man dies and gives all he has to his 'son'. How does the scheming woman involve her biological daughter? Will she watch and let the 'son' take over everything knowing that he is actually not their son? How will she scheme to have her way? Will her plans scale through?

The Gods Are Not To Blame (9 episodes)
An adaptation of Ola Rotimi's internationally successful play of the same name. When a king gives birth to a prince, he is excited. According to custom and tradition, he seeks spiritual divination to have an insight into the future of his heir, particularly to know the guiding dos and don'ts of his life. The diviner shocks the king when he instructs that the 7-day old boy be killed instantly as he is an evil-child who will kill his father and have carnal knowledge of his mother.Will this spiritual advice be adhered to by the parents to forestall the intended abomination?

The Grasscutter(5 episodes)

A university lecturer holds the female students to ransom demanding sex before giving them the required marks. However, a particular student who keeps turning him down is forced to comply with his unusual demand. After having his way, she narrates how seven men who got intimate with her earlier died within seven days because of a curse that has been placed on her. Will the curse be averted for the lecturer to survive death? What becomes of the student? What is the reaction of his pregnant wife to the shocking development?

The Last Honour (15 episodes)
A couple goes through tension as the wife works as a cleaner while the husband lives a mysterious, dangerous life which gets him into trouble with the Law. This tension eventually erupts into an unpleasant situation threatening the dreams of their only child who is determined to become a successful doctor.

Campus Babes (3 episodes)

Three university female undergraduates in their quest for fun and wealth, provide sexual and emotional succor to men who equally reward financially. One night, they run into their regular lovers who emerge from a hotel room after a dastardly act. The men smartly convince the girls to follow them to their destination as they drive out of the hotel. What crime did they commit in the hotel room? What is the connection with the girls? What are they trying to conceal? What is the fate of the girls?

Hot Business (4 episodes)
A man running a thriving business is convinced to invest in a business venture that would supposedly yield an unbelievable turn-over. He does so without expressing any iota of doubt and stakes everything he has into the hot business. Was it a set up? Did he lose all to this business proposal?

One Bad Apple (26 episodes)
Francis, a corrupt Police Officer, uses his uniform to terrorize the people in the town he was posted to, and collect bribes to prevent judgment. The bubble bursts when a new detective was employed without his knowledge. Nemesis catches up with him. But what happens to Caro, his

Lion Of Mogun (22 episodes)
An adaptation of a classic Yoruba play -Rere Run written by a veteran author - Oladejo Okediji
in 1971 and published in 1973 by Onibonoje Press. The story centers on Lawuwo, a labourleader who is buoyed by the deprivation of his childhood to fight injustice. He gives his all for the emancipation of the poor, exploited and suffering workers of Mogunland. However, this strong point metamorphoses to a great flaw which leads to unforeseen The setting is traditional which

dates back to the 60s and early 70s. It is a package full of intrigues, suspense, unending
conflict, love and betrayal.

Omoye (14 episodes)
The story chronicles the challenges faced by a poor father in the bid to collect his long-overdue pension from the authourities as his family struggles with poverty which threatens their daughter (Omoye)'s education.

My Uncle My Friend (4 episodes)
The story is about the horrors, dangers and consequences of the growing menace of unprotected
sex and sexual abuse in the society.

A New Song (22 episodes)

When a man impregnates his best friend's wife, she lies to her husband that he is responsible for the pregnancy. Things later take a tragic turn when one of the men has a spiritual experience and the truth is later revealed about the paternity of the child.

Behind The Smile (14 episodes)

A boy and girl are dating for a while and she gets pregnant for him. They both connive to extort her wealthy suitor's family with the claim that their son is the one responsible for the pregnancy. Things, however, do not go as planned as the couple's loyalty to each other is greatly tested by the subsequent happenings.

Everything It Takes (15 episodes)
This glamourous story follows the lives of three female friends who are determined to follow their hearts and dreams in their different life ambitions. They each face many obstacles and challenges as they are dogged in their pursuits but what is the result in each case?

Because You Loved Me (11 episodes)

Lara is forced to stop her education after she gets pregnant and delivers Jimi out of wedlock.Years later, Lara gets married leaving Jimi with her mom. This makes Jimi feel abandoned and uncontrollable. The reunion of Lara and her secondary school-mate Temisan,who has risen to the top as a career lady, brings some sanity into Jimi's life asTemisan becomes a positive influence. Jimi falls in love with Temisan, and now he wants an intense relationship. Does Temisan feel the same way? How would Lara handle the news?

A Blast From The Past (9 episodes)

A woman, who is about getting married to a man she loves dearly, one day meets her husband to-be's friend and is reminded of some past events which she has tried very hard to forget.
Blackmail soon ensues and she finds out the great lengths she must go in order to ensure that her wedding takes place as scheduled.

Invitation To Thunder (8 episodes)
A wealthy businesswoman's spirit is crushed when she suspects that her younger lover iShaving an affair with one of the top shop attendants in her supermarket. She devises a plan to get rid of the girl but something goes horribly wrong.

Omajuwa (9 episodes)

A wealthy man is going through several problems trying to balance his deteriorating health, his business, his spoilt kids and his unruly wife. One day, he receives a visitor who gives them a message that could either multiply his problems or be the solution he has needed all along.

Nnena (12 episodes)
This is story about a young brilliant girl Nnenna who was killed by her late father's bosom friend Mr Wiliki. The soul of Nnenna is not at rest as her ghost is set on a mission to expose all the evil acts of Mr. Wiliki. In order to succeed in her mission, she requires the help of Akin- a troubled boy with low self esteem.

More Than A Friend (20 episodes)

When Dami (a young female undergraduate from a wealthy family) is rescued by Mercy (a fellow female student but from an underprivileged background) from a terrifying situation involving a disgruntled classmate, she invites the lady to move in with her on campus, thus sowing th seeds for a friendship that would forever change the lives and destinies of the two ladies, and thei entire families.

Evil Genius (15 episodes)
Alex and Pat are a wealthy couple, but their  childless state soon begins to cause some discomfort in their household. Pat's mind is troubled as she is plagued by the possibility that it is her fault, due to an abortion she committed years ago for a past boyfriend, Victor. When Pat is raped by armed robbers in the presence of Alex, she later gets pregnant. This prompts an unexpected reaction from Alex, thus sending the characters down a spiral of events, multiplied by Victor's re-entry into Pat's life.

The Promise (15 episodes)

When a young girl, from a wealthy popular family, is impregnated by her boyfriend, who is from a poor family, her father takes certain steps in order to save his family from the impending shame and mockery from his peers. This decision by her father changes the lives and destinies of so many people until a certain promise is made…  of the girl but something goes horribly wrong.

A Night To Remember (3 episodes)
Femi and Benjamin meet ages after secondary school. While Femi has succeeded in business, Benjamin is struggling to keep up. Femi decides to help Benjamin but one night of selfish desire will lead to a lifetime of regret.

One Man's Poison (3 episodes)
A tale of two love birds; Tosin and Johnson, whose marriage of barely three months is heading for the rocks. However, the timely intervention of john’s father and god father (Chief Kolade), who shares experiences on some true life stories, will make Johnson have a re-think of his decisions.

Sister Sister (29 episodes)
The story captures the separation of twin sisters; Nelly and Nora, whose different devotions are bound to collide despite the distance between them. It is a contemporary story of a set of twins, who are so alike, yet so different and all the controversies surrounding them.

Itohan (A Call To Action) (16 episodes)
The story revolves around Itohan, a young ambitious lady, who in a bid to play soccer abroad, falls into the hands of a syndicate that lures and forces unsuspicious girls into prostitution in foreign lands. The hell that follows is unimaginable. And then, there are the NAPTIP agents, sworn to fight human trafficking and the likes, even at the expense of their own lives. Their mission to crack this syndicate and rescue various victims of these heinous crimes will lead to an ultimate showdown.
A tale of dashed hopes, shattered dreams, broken promises, and yet, a strong will to survive.




To Kill, To Destroy (5 episodes)
In a desperate bid to financially secure his family, a man solicits the services of a spiritualist but things do not go according to plan and he becomes more desperate in his ambition.

You Have No Choice (9 episodes)
A woman resorts to the services of a spiritualist in the bid to make her husband love her and only her. However, something goes wrong with her plans and the end result threatens the fate of her marriage which she was so anxious to protect.

One Bad Turn(2 episodes)

Bolu and her boyfriend part ways after he catches her cheating on him. When he scolded her, she threatened to deal with him. With Bolu's influence as a lecturer's girlfriend, the boyfriend was rusticated from school. 7 years later, Bolu, now married to a wealthy man suffers a miscarriage and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor in charge decides to call in a specialist when he can't handle her case. What happens? Does Bolu die? Who is this specialist?

Too Late (3 episodes)
A man gets married to a good woman but soon begins to abuse and maltreat her. Soon, he meets another lady who is very wealthy and things take a dramatic twist.

Do or Die (4 episodes)

Chief's wife's shop-attendant, Kemi, turns down his love advances and he swears that if he can't have her, no one would. Chief's younger brother, Ibrahim, who works for him falls in love with her, but Chief kicks against the union. Ibrahim ignores all Chief's advice and the battle line is drawn.

Cell 419 (2 episodes)
Susan, who is desperately in need of a husband, is taken by her friend to see a spiritualist. After the prayers, she comes out to find her car gone. Later that night, she receives a call asking her to come to the police station. What does she find at the station? Who stole the car?

Seed Of Sorrow (5 episodes)
A man dies leaving his wife and kids behind. The eldest daughter later goes to her late father's best friend for financial assistance but she is shocked at what happens next.

The One I Love (3 episodes)

Mariam's mother vows never to marry again after losing her husband to the cold hands of death. She meets Nnamdi, Miriam's fiance, she decides to have a rethink and Miriam realizes her world is about to Shatter.

Sweet Mother  (4 episodes)
Anthony, a young man, gets wealthy through illegal means but is soon arrested and jailed. After his release he looses everything and, not used to being poor, he visits a witch-doctor to seek a desperate solution to his new-found poverty.

Let Bygones Be Bygones  (3 episodes)
Chioma is severely maltreated by her stepmother and she eventually leaves the house to stay with her real mother who is underprivileged. Through struggling, and with God on her side, Chioma's mother succeeds in training her through the University. Years later the stepmother comes in search of Chioma and her mum. What is her reason for coming? Does Chioma respond to her request?

Loud For A Purpose (2 episodes)
While making a phone call at a public place, a businessman speaks loudly. Some fraudsters, who are lurking around, secretely jot everything he says. What do they do with the information? Do they succeed? What happens next?

Turning Point  (5 episodes)
Evelyn is a lady who takes delight in sleeping around with different men. One day, she boards a bus that turns out to be occupied by kidnappers. Fortunately, there is another innocent passenger in the vehicle who insists that they should drop him. What happens next?

Unforgiving Heart (6 episodes)
Ajani lives in peace with his two wives- one whom he truly loves and another whom he had to marry due to a promise his father made to her father. One day, in the early stages of one of his wife's pregnancies, something happens which threatens to break their seemingly peaceful union.

Higher Level (9 episodes)
A young girl who sings in a night club meets a wealthy, white man who claims to love her and they begin dating. She soon discovers that things are not what they seem as she begins to know more and more about his lifestyle.

My Baby (6 episodes)

A housemaid is impregnated by her boss whose wife is yet to conceive. When her boss' wife finds out, she is seemingly unperturbed but asks the girl to conceal the pregnancy. Months later, she informs her husband that she is pregnant and would like the maid to accompany her to London to have the baby.  What was her mission?

Our Wife (4 episodes)
A man, who is impotent, gets married to avoid the mounting pressure taunting from his family. When his new wife finds out about his condition, she is unable to stand it and threatens to quit the marriage. To conceal his shame, he cooks up a plan to get her impregnated by another man

A Stitch In Time (3 episodes)

Sunbo, who lives with her uncle and his family, is a wayward girl who keeps lots of older lovers and is a bad influence on her uncle's daughter. The uncle and his wife reluctantly tolerate her actions but one day, she takes things a bit too far…

Officer's Wife (16 episodes)
A rich girl meets and falls in love with a certain guy from a poor background. She sponsors his education in the military school and he finally makes it. When the time comes for reciprocation of love, it becomes a different story entirely.

The Most Wicked (9 episodes)
This story is about what happens when you place too much trust and hope in someone who is supposedly close to you. It is a story of betrayal and surprises.

Love Without Eyes (10 episodes)
When a man finds a beautiful, good-natured young lady, he falls madly in love with her and goes out of his way to give her the finer things in life, against the warnings of his family and friends. Soon, things begin to change…

Birds Of A Feather (14 episodes)
Four friends, two males and two females, tell different stories in a friendly debate to determine which sex is truly the weaker one between males and females.

The Professor's Wife (7 episodes)
When a young lady is intimidated and is a victim of sexual harassment, by a male lecturer in the university, she is surprised when their paths cross again many years later.

Fatherly Love (9 episodes)

Mr. Idah, a mean lecturer, constantly engages in sexual harassment of female undergraduates. When it comes to a certain lady, Itohan, he holds his stance. However, when the true revelation of his deeds hit him, it becomes more than torture itself.

Life Is Beautiful (20 episodes)
When a married man impregnates a female undergraduate, he takes a decision which leads to dramatic events.

Hands Of A Stranger (18 episodes)
Tokunbo, a beautiful rich girl falls in love with Yomi, a young doctor who saves her father's life. Tokunbo becomes pregnant with Yomi's baby and insists on keeping the baby. The only way out for Yomi is to eliminate the pregnancy…

Only God Forgives (16 episodes)
A young girl prefers the love of a wealthy man who can provide for her every need rather than the love of a young man who truly cares about her future. She learns the hard way as things don't go according to her plan.

Omotola (17 episodes)

Tragedy upon tragedy strikes the household of a wealthy, good-natured Chief. Who is responsible for these tragedies and what is the person's motive?

Love of my life (10 episodes)
Debbie and Clem are very much in love and are preparing to get married when Debbie's family doctor informs the family that she has tested positive to HIV.   25 years later, secrets are revealed and untold stories are uncovered.

My Only Helper  (8 episodes)

Segun, a secondary school graduate struggles to make ends meet for his poor family. He is then employed as the House manager for the wealthy Chief Benson.
His life and that of his family turns around for good, but for how long does this last?

A Woman Needs Love ( episode)
A married woman (who as a child, had gone through a rough time with her step mother) is on her deathbed and her dying wish is for her husband to marry her younger sister, in order to guarantee that her son is well taken care of. This last wish of hers spurs a rollercoaster of unanticipated events.

The Perfect Church  (7 episodes)

The perfect church is a story of a group of people living their lives according to their different choices and circumstances, until one message affects them all and threatens to change everything about their lives forever. It is a story of deceit, repentance and forgiveness.

Paradise Lost (10 episodes)
Abstractly set in a contemporary Benin Kingdom, “Paradise Lost” revisits the virtue of womanhood. It centers around Eno, who under the hawk eyes of her parents, is guided to honour. Eno’s struggle to become a woman of repute is challenged by societal misconceptions, assumptions and temptations.

Toria's Dilemma (8 episodes)
Toria’s Dilemma is a case of double proposition of a woman, whose investigation on the supplier of substandard drugs decimating the people in her community will make her question her decision to uphold the law.

Old Enough To Be (4 episodes)
When a young lady throws all caution to the wind, the price to be paid is left for her to bear. This story centers around Warona, an ambitious lady, whose aspiration to succeed in her career puts her in a web of vanity, conflict and undue affection.

Taboo (5 episodes)
When a father’s peace of mind is threatened by his daughter’s affections, it leads to forbidding his children from getting married, then the unthinkable is left to unfold itself.




Bed Rest (1 episode) 
Mama Ajasco pretends to be ill and gets herself admitted into the hospital all in a bid to escape from house chores, but when papa Ajasco employs another hand to help in the chores. Let's see who the helper is….

It's Your Wedding Day (1 episode)
Pepeiye is denied being joined to her fiance on her wedding day. What led to this?

New Judicial System (1 episode )
Papa Ajasco, as a Governor, lives a carefree life, Alinco gets a contract from the Governor without executing it & Pepeiye dupes her boyfriend. Are they favoured by the new judicial system?

Lagos Beggar (1 episode)
Pa James is advised by a friend to go into dubious means of making money through disguise. Does he get away with it?

Honesty, The Best Policy (1 episode)
Pa James and others are involved in a robbery operation. When the account of the robbery reported on TV differs from the actual happenings, Pa James feels compelled to expose the 'liars'

Miss Orobo Beauty Pagent (1 episode)
The emerging winner in a Plus-Sized beauty pageant is denied the grand prize. Unfortunately for the organizers her father happened to be a retired Army General.

Crazy Love (1 episode)
In a bid to secure Papa Ajasco as her lover, a lady attempts to charm him with a love portion. Does he fall for her trap?

Another Miracle (1 episode)

Papa Ajasco's adulterous act leads him to lie to mama Ajasco that her car has been stolen. How does the car find its way back to the house?

Insurance Money (1 episode)
Pa James' refusal to insure his car eventually leads him to fake his own death so as to claim the life insurance. Find out what happens next.

Simple Truth (1 episode)
Pa James denies impregnating a deaf & dumb girl and her family insist that he swears at a shrine to prove his innocence. On the way there, however he begins to act suspiciously.

International Sculptor (1episode)
This story centers around political rivalry between Papa Ajasco & Chief Laulau. How does it end and what part does sculpting play in it?

Papa Ajasco Gets A New Wife (2 episodes)
Mama Ajasco abandoned Papa Ajasco, so Papa Ajasco miraculously gets a new wife, how did it happen?

Original Mad Woman (1 episode)
A young lady pretends to be mad in a bid to marry Papa Ajasco. Was the pretence successful?

DO ME I DO YOU (1 Episode)

Papa Ajasco squanders some money which is originally meant for Pa James. In order for Pa James to recover his money, what does he do?

JUNE 12 (1 Episode)

Papa Ajasco and co. narrates their various encounters on this date of the previous year. What are these stories?


Pepeiye & Alinco plan to deceive men in order to extort money from them. What is the outcome of this shady plan?

PEPISCOCO (1 Episodes)
What leads Papa Ajasco to become a cleaner in a hotel and what is Pepeiye's involvement? Find out.

Despite acquiring a lot of money, Papa Ajasco encounters various problems. What are these problems?

BAD BUSINESS. (1 Episodes)
Pa James & boy Alinco's involvement in a shady business leads them into trouble.

Pa James was given a house to paint but painted something else. Find out what went wrong?


This is the story of a woman who has a secret affair with Papa Ajasco but she later discovers that Papa Ajasco is having an illicit affair with her daughter. Find out what happens next.

LION'S DEN (5 Episodes)
Papa Ajasco, Pa James & boy Alinco have an illicit affair with a young lady who is later discovered to be HIV positive. What is the outcome of this crisis?

Pa James is made the Vice Chancellor of an institution that is notorious with secret cult activities. Find out the outcome.

Pa James and his beautiful wife hatch a plan for extorting men. Unfortunately, he eventually loses his wife. How and why? Find out.

This story is a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. The story is a light-hearted adaptation of the life of the King of Pop.

BIG GIRL (1 Episode)
Pepeiye's lover showers her with lots of gifts. How is he able to afford them?

Love On Trial (1 episode)

Alinco and his lover put their love to test. Find out who the true lover is among them?

Made In India (5 episodes)
This story is about a young Indian lady who is being harassed by Papa Ajasco, Alinco and other men in her university due to her beauty, how does she solve this problem?

2 Weddings, 1 Day (3 episodes)

Is a story that centers on Alinco & Pepeiye who get married to their different lovers, on the same day? How do their weddings go?

ATM (1 episode)

What leads to Pa James vomiting money during a robbery operation? Find out.

International Estate Agent (1 episode)
Pa James disguises as an estate agent promising to secure apartments for his clients. How long can he keep defrauding people? Find out

Artist Of The Year (3 episodes)
In order to make ends meet, Alinco becomes a graphic artiste. How does this plan go?

Partners In Crime (1 episode)
Alinco is involved in examination  malpractice while Papa Ajasco evades tax. Find out the consequences.

Expo Business (1 episode)
Pa James sneaks out exam questions for Ajasco to sell to his friends. Find out how successful they are in this illegal business.

Ghost (2 episodes)
Pa James disguises as a ghost so as to evict Pepeiye from her apartment by frightening her. Find out how his plan goes.

Vip Treatment (2 episodes)
Papa Ajasco receives an uninvited guest while awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend. Find out whom his guest is…

Sugar Mummy (3 episodes)

In their quest to engage wealthy, older women as lovers, Pa James and Alinco encounter some obstacles. Find out what the obstacles were.

Good Samaritan (4 episodes)
Pa James, Alinco and Pepeiye disguise as impoverished destitutes. They soon have an encounter with the state environmental officials.  Who comes to their rescue?.

Aristo (5 episodes)
Pepeiye receives several gifts from older men including a car. Find out the source of the car.

A Crack In The Wall (1 episode)

Mama Ajasco is being deceived by a fake prophet to kill Papa Ajasco. Is the mission accomplished?

Eye Witness (2 episodes)
Pepeiye and Alinco devise a means of extorting money from various men. Who was the 'eye witness'?.

The Fighter And A Lover (1 episode)

In order to impress Pepeiye, Alinco gets himself involved in some desperate moves. Is he able to win her love?

The Many Wives Of Alinco (2 episodes)
This is a story that centers on Alinco's unfaithfulness to his fiancé, Is he able to defend his love?

The Man From The Gods(11 episodes)
The story chronicles Papa Ajasco journey to a strange land. Find out his experiences in the strange land…

Sweet Monica (15 episodes)
Papa Ajasco's unfaithfulness leads him to have a serious encounter with the law enforcement agents. What are his problems?

Who The Cap Fits (3episodes)

Pa James inherits a magical cap that foretells the next person to die. Find out how he uses this power.

Money Palava (37 Episodes)
Papa Ajasco, Pa James and Alinco get involved in various means to get rich. Are they able to achieve their objectives?

Boxing Champion(1 Episode)

In order for Ajasco to become victorious in a competition, Papa Ajasco devises a means which later turns out to favour his opponent. Find out what goes wrong.

Gentle Man's Disease (2 episodes)
Due to his promiscuity, Papa Ajasco contracts a disease. Is he able to cure himself before it is too late?

Radio Africa (8 episodes)
Pa James accuses his friend (Okpokri) of making money through dubious means. How true is this?

Mischief Maker (3 episodes)
In a bid to deceive his father & girlfriend, Alinco writes two letters that get into wrong hands. What is the consequence of this error?

Do Me I Do You (2) (8 episodes)

Papa Ajasco promises to marry Mama Gee who later finds out he is married and plots revenge. Find out what the revenge is.

The Peace Maker (1 Episode)
Papa Ajasco pleads on behalf of his lover and pretended to be her uncle. Is he truly her uncle?

Boxer's Wife (1 episode)
Papa Ajasco intends to marry a woman whose husband happens to be a boxer. The woman connives with her husband to deal with Papa Ajasco. What happens afterwards?

Fire Love (1episode)

Pa James visits his lover and is involved in a fire accident. How did this happen?

Pregnancy Business (1episode)
Pepeiye feigns pregnancy in order to extort money from a rich family but the truth about the pregnancy is later revealed. Find out how.

The Introduction (1 episode)

Alinco is discovered to be married man on the day of the introduction to his new wife. Who is this unknown wife of his?

Money Power (2 episode)
Pa James discovers that the man who impregnates his daughter is actually a rich man. Does he accept him as his in-law or not?

Father Vs Father (1 episode)

Papa Ajasco is on a revenge mission to fight the father of Ajasco's classmate, who bullies him in school. He later finds out that the man is a wrestler. Find out if he is able to accomplish his mission.

Life Is Good (2 episodes)

In this story, Pa James is a wealthy, successful man. How is this possible? Find out.

Liver And Kidney Specialist (2 episodes)

Pepeiye is deceived by a man who claims to be a specialist. Find out what kind of specialist he really is.

The Curse (2 episodes)
Alinco impregnates a herbalist's daughter. His refusal to accept the pregnancy makes the herbalist to place a curse on him. What is the aftermath of the curse?

Yam Supplier (1 episode)
Papa Ajasco visits his lover who happens to be a married woman, what happens when her lover's husband arrive.

Woman Palava (12 episodes)

Papa Ajasco is engaging in an illicit affair with a woman who is on a revenge mission. She gives him 7 days to live,

Bank Executive (4 episodes)
Pepeiye, a bank executive, gets a target which she finds difficult to achieve. How does she manage to cope? find out if he survives it.

The Invisible Man (3 episodes)
This story uncovers the 'Invisible Man' behind the frequent disappearance of money from
Papa Ajasco's office watch closely...

Tit For Tat (1 episode)

Ajasco and his cousin engage in a battle of supremacy. Let's see who eventually wins.

GSM Business (2 episodes)
Pa James and Pepeiye devise a means to dupe guys through GSM phone let's see how far they go with their dubious plans…

Quick Business (1 episode)
A school bus gotten for Ajasco for his private use is being used as a public transportation bus by him and his driver (Pa James). Find out what happens next.

Expensive Love (1 episode)
Mama Ajasco sales girl plans with her boyfriend to dupe Papa Ajasco, so as to raise sufficient funds for their wedding. Find out what happens on the wedding day.

Fear Of Aids (2 episodes)

Pa James, an illiterate, gets a wife. In order to prevent himself from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, find out how he carries out the doctor's advice.

The Reward (1episode)

Ajasco finds his teacher's lost jewelry with the assistance of the security guard (Pa James) and is given a special reward. What is the reward?

Artful Dodger (1 episode)

Pepeiye, a lead character in a play, connives with the executive producer to have an illicit affair while on location. Find out what happens thereafter…

Alakoba (1 episode)

This is the story of a missing hen where Pa James is a prime suspect find out who the thief really is…

50:50 (1 episode)
Pa James, Pepeiye and Alinco connive together to dupe people and share the money. Let's see how the plan goes.

Lost And Found (5 episodes)

In a bid to extort money from his rich father-in-law, Pa James plans with his wife to cook up a kidnap story. Let's see how the story goes…

Pepeiye Y2k (15 episodes)

This story centers on Pepeiye, a herbalist and a magician and her involvement with various men. Find out what happens…

The Kung-fu Expert (1episode)
Papa Ajasco reports how his car is snatched and how he gets involved in a Kung-fu fight with robbers. How real is the story?

The Criminal (3 episodes)
This is a story that centers on Alinco, who steals a phone. In a bid to get him, he is tracked by a beautiful lady. What happens thereafter?





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